Here is a list of things that Im actively working on NOW (updated April 2016)

Activities for Dustin Wants to Know:

  • Designing this site and producing content
  • recording interviews for upcoming episodes of DWTK Podcast
  • trying to market and promote the Podcast
  • Struggling with the idea to niche down to define an audience
  • Member of to establish community of fellow online “Entrepreneurs”
  • Just published my 10th episode! I missed one on Easter Sunday, but Im back on schedule.

Professional Life:

  • Working in B2B sales for Insperity, trying to get small businesses to outsource their HR to my company. Good company with a good service, but very difficult sale.
  • Trying to build up some referral sources instead of cold calling.
  • Still trying to make my first dollar online. My podcast has gotten me some wine, but no money yet!

Personal Life:

  • On the final week of paternity leave, that flew by fast! Had a lot of ambitious goals to get things done around the house but being a stay at home parent is more than a full time job!
  • Still adjusting to life with 4 kids. The twins were a big shock to the system, but honesty the anxiety of their arrival was more of a bear than the actual work has been. We have been very blessed with 2 calm and healthy girls!
  • Trying to find the ideal balance of father / husband, business sales guy, wantrapreneur, and now¬†podcaster.
  • Trying to improve cash flow: earn more $ AND spend less $ wishing I was MR Money Mustache
  • Pursuing a fat loss goal. I started just after Thanksgiving 2015 when I weighed 227 lbs at 27% body fat, more or less. Read the 4 Hour Body and implamented Tim’s Slow Carb Diet and am now down to 205 lbs at 23.3% BF. Seem to be stuck at this weight and while I am building muscle, I still have an extra 20 lbs of fat to lose. May have to start calorie counting or doing more cardio. Started the Stronglifts 5X5 program and LOVE IT. I actually look forward to going to the gym 3X per week!
  • Learning to brew Kombucha

This page courtesy of the nownownow movement by an inspirational dude, Derek Sivers

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